Most companies that offer import/export reports say their value is simply that they have huge amounts of data. In turn, most companies offer vast amount of useless data.

(Good luck digging through the thousands of pages of documentation in order to pull out the information you need. I have experienced this myself when I have spent thousands of dollars on platforms that offer huge amounts of information and then get a report so overwhelming that it is worthless and only leaves me with headache.)

In short, Import-Export data without the shipping experience and knowledge can’t distinguish what is important and does not help you! That is where I come in.

I have real-life industry experience—so I can translate data into digestible reports that includes only the details you need to grow your business.

I also am a U.S.-based professional—not a robot or driven by AI. And with my personal contacts and experience in shipping industry, you have someone to talk to who understands your industry. This means you can speak to me without spending time educating me about your business or translating lingo.

So, if you are looking for personalized service, industry knowledge, confidentiality, and easy-to-use data—I am here to help!